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Voting side:


To vote in the national “Flower of the Year” competition:


1. The competition is open to all French residents aged 18 and over.

2. Participants must go to the online platform dedicated to the competition.

3. Each participant must choose a single flower from the selection offered by the suppliers.

4. Participants can support their choice by explaining the reasons why they consider this flower to be their favorite.

5. Registrations are open for a specific period, indicated on the online platform.

6. Participants can only vote once for a single flower.

7. Voting is done exclusively online, via the platform dedicated to the competition.

8. Participants are required to respect confidentiality rules and not share or disclose their voting information.

9. Participants cannot vote for their own flower if they are registered flower suppliers.

10. Votes must be cast before the competition closing deadline at the latest: March 8, 2024

11. The winner will be determined by the number of votes for each flower.

12. The result of the competition will be announcedon the podium of the FlorEvent show and on the online platform, in the press and on social networks

Conditions for participation of a supplier in the national competition “The Flower of the Year”


1. The competition is open to all national and foreign flower suppliers: producer, breeder, wholesaler, brand, etc.

2. Interested suppliers must submit their application by completing the available registration formbelow.

3. Suppliers must submit 1 to 3 varieties of flowers they wish to submit for the competition

4. The flowers offered must be grown legally and comply with all current health standards. The supplier, if he is a reseller, must ensure that he has the rights to represent the variety presented;

5. Each supplier will complete the file by answering questions about each flower offered.

6. Suppliers must providetwohigh quality photographs of each flower proposed, to allow voters to visualize them correctly. With, if possible, at least one  on neutral white, gray or black background

7. Suppliers must undertake to respect the deadlines for providing documents to participate in the competition and benefit from the voting period which will begin on February 1.

8. Suppliers must accept that their flowers are validated by a selection committee which will verify the conformity of the file. This committee will ensure in particular that the same variety is not presented by two suppliers.

9. Suppliers must comply with legal provisions regarding the protection of intellectual property and ensure that they have the necessary rights to use and promote the flowers presented.

10. Suppliers must commit to actively promoting the competition through their communication channels, such as social media or their website.

11. Suppliers must agree that the competition results will be determined solely by online public voting and that they will not be able to contest these results.

12. Suppliers must authorize the use of their names, logos and flower descriptions for promotional purposes related to the competition.

13. Suppliers must comply with all other guidelines and regulations set forth by the competition organizers to ensure the smooth running of the event.

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